Blair Park Restoration

As a key part of its mission to preserve and restore Moraga Canyon, Friends of Moraga Canyon is working with City of Piedmont staff on a landscape design plan for Blair Park that will focus on restoring and improving the Park’s natural amenities as well as a plan to maintain the park for years to come.

Restoration Design Group (RDG), the Berkeley landscape design firm retained by the City of Piedmont, will present its proposed landscape plan for Blair Park at a public meeting of the Piedmont Parks Commission on Wednesday, December 12, 2013.

RDG, in collaboration with the arborist firm HortScience, Inc. of Pleasanton, presented their initial assessment of the park’s amenities and constraints, as well as an assessment of the condition of its trees, at a Park Commission meeting in early October 2013. The Park Commission unanimously agreed with the need for a landscape design for the park.

FOMC is pleased that RDG was selected by the City to design the plan for Blair Park, as the firm was the first choice of FOMC’s Subcommittee on Blair Park Restoration & Preservation. Our subcommittee worked with Piedmont City staff to develop the Request for Proposal, which is the basis of the contract, and also reviewed and commented on the bids received. The landscape plan is being funded by $15,000 that was awarded to FOMC in the settlement of its lawsuit against the City of Piedmont over the proposed sports fields in Blair Park.

Next Steps

Although we are excited at the prospect of having a plan to restore and improve Blair Park, we know that our work is far from done. Here are the next steps:

  1. On December 12, 2013, the Park Commission will meet to hear presentation of the landscape design plan. Watch for an email alert with the final date and time of the meeting, and please plan to attend if possible. If you cannot attend, send an email to the Park Commission with your comments on the plan.
  2. Following the Park Commission review and recommendations, the landscape plan will go to the City Council for their approval. We will send an email alert when the plan is on the City Council agenda. This will be a vitally important meeting for us to show our support for the plan.
  3. If and when the City Council approves a landscape design plan, funding to implement the work must be secured. This is the biggest hurdle: Where will the money come from? There are a number of potential sources:
    • City funds for deferred maintenance from the Parks Department budget or from the general fund
    • Capital Improvement Project funds
    • Measure WW East Bay Regional Park District funds allocated to Piedmont
    • Private funds raised by FOMC and other organizations for planned improvement projects