About Friends of Moraga Canyon

Friends of Moraga Canyon is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Official Position Statement

Adopted February 5, 2011

  1. We adamantly oppose the Moraga Canyon Sports Field Project certified in the EIR, and the subsequent changes proposed by PRFO. This project is too massive for the site, too potentially costly to Piedmont taxpayers, too destructive of the environment, too risky to homes above Blair Park, too hazardous for pedestrians crossing Moraga Ave., and would cause too much traffic, in addition to numerous other objections.
  2. We support retaining Blair Park as a natural open space with native landscaping, better maintenance and improvements to serve as a lovely gateway park into Piedmont.
  3. Lights should not be installed on Coaches Field. This was the promise and commitment made to surrounding neighbors, and enacted in a Piedmont City Ordinance, when the field was built in order to win neighbors’ acceptance of the Coaches Field development. The issues of intrusive night lights and noise in a quiet canyon have not changed since the commitment was made.

Board Members

Jim Semitekol | Randolph Wedding | Morrisa Sherman
Al Peters | Peggy Esposito | Marj Blackwell

To contact the Board, please fill out the form on the Take Action page.