Moraga Canyon extends between Highway 13 and Pleasant Valley Road. It begins in Oakland, passes through several blocks of Piedmont, and ends in Oakland. The canyon is bisected by Moraga Avenue, a busy arterial that runs through its entire length. The Canyon is primarily developed with homes along Moraga Avenue, as well as Piedmont’s Coaches Field (soccer and baseball fields), the city’s corporation yard, and a skate park.

Blair Park

There are two remaining undeveloped areas in the canyon: Blair Park, a six-acre, Piedmont park that stretches along the south side of Moraga Ave., and a steep hillside and tree covered area on the north side of Moraga Ave. that belongs to Mountain View Cemetery. Blair Park is a quiet, peaceful area, zoned by the City of Piedmont as a dog park and open space.

Blair Park and Mountain View Cemetery’s land are heavily covered with a variety of mature trees, including California live oak, wild plum, buckeye and bay laurel.


Glen Echo Creek drains from the steep canyon hillsides and is channeled into culverts that run beneath Blair Park, Moraga Avenue and Coaches Field. The creek surfaces in Mountain View Cemetery and runs into ponds used by the Cemetery for irrigation.

The canyon is a vital wildlife corridor for a diverse array of wildlife, including foxes, deer, wild turkeys, woodpeckers, hawks, owls, and numerous other bird species, as well as more common “urban” wildlife such as opossums, raccoons and squirrels.

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